Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Be Careful Of Lube Shops With Iggnorant Techs!

Yesterday while I was on my route (I drive a FedEx Truck for an Independent Contractor) I had a delivery for a lube shop (I will not mention name).  I do not have deliveries for this or any of the oil change places on my route that often but I have always wanted to talk with one of the few about retailing Amsoil.

As I approached the person/tech on duty to sign for the package I noticed he was wearing a black Castrol GTX shirt and I thought this might be a nice conversation starter because underneath my FedEx shirt I also had a Castrol GTX shirt (you think I would wear my Amsoil shirt to get dirty in???)... So after he signed for the package I said "I like your shirt" as I pulled my collar down to show him I was wearing a similar white one.  I then went on to say "To bad Castrol GTX is such as  bad oil" his reply "oil is oil"  Right then and there I knew i was talking to the wrong person, or of this was the right person he would not be interested.  I replied to him "Really? I have seen oil analysis from many oils and I can tell you that is not true" and left.

Be aware of people like this and let me clarify what I feel this comment "OIL IS OIL" means to me.
  • Be concerned that this person really may not care what kind of oil he is putting in your car. The weight and/or one that meets the spec for you engine. Who knows maybe he will put tranny fluid in your oil!
  • That what is in the bulk tank may not be filled with what they are selling you since, oil is oil
If this person and or shop really feels this way why wouldn't they let that show though in their marketing tactics?  When you look around the waiting room or the outside of the building you will see banners offering synthetic oil changes, or oil additives to boost performance.  If the shop really felt that "oil is oil" why would they even offer or sell you on synthetics, different brands of oil, or additives if all oils were equal?  I guess I am just a bit different. If I felt the way this person does I will tell everyone buy the cheapest oil you can buy change it every three thousand miles and that would be it.  But I don't agree with that lube shop because I know synthetics make a difference and all oils are not equal.

I can NOT sell something or promote something that I feel has little or no value.  Shops like this do not care about the oil you put in your car.. all they care about is you coming back every three thousand miles. This rakes in tons of cash for quick lube facilities and is completely uneccessary! Not to mention a complete waste of valuable resources.

GM, Honda and others use oil life monitoring systems that monitor your driving habits and bases oil changes on that data.  Most of these systems will not trigger "change oil now" any sooner than 5000 miles - this is on petroleum oil folks!.  Even with these systems, lube shops like the one mentioned above, will put oil change stickers in your window for a change at 3000 miles.. this is CRAZY..

If you are interested in changing your oil once or twice a year at 7500 to 35000 miles contact me.  I can even help guide you to changing oil on your own if you wish!

If you have had any terrible complaints about lube shops or you think I am off my rocker please comment.

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