Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amsoil Arena Duluth Entertainment Convention Center

DECC’s new arena to be named AMSOIL Arena

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Thanks to the generosity of a locally-based national corporation, the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center’s addition won’t simply be called “the new arena” when it opens this December. It will be called AMSOIL Arena.

On May 11, 2010 the DECC Board approved awarding naming rights for the new facility to AMSOIL INC., a world leading manufacturer of synthetic lubricants and a major Twin Ports employer.

“Throughout the planning and construction process, the DECC Board has always sought ways to make this great new arena even greater for residents of the entire region,” said Mark Emmel, the DECC’s board chair. “One important way of doing that is through a naming rights agreement, and we wanted to team up with a company that’s local, has a reach far beyond this area, and has a reputation for excellence. AMSOIL not only met but greatly exceeded all of those criteria, and we’re looking forward to an exciting, long term relationship with them.”

Albert J. Amatuzio, AMSOIL’s founder, president and CEO, said a partnership with the DECC is a perfect fit.

“Although AMSOIL produces products that are used throughout the world, the vast majority of our employees live and work right here in the Twin Ports. This is our home,” said Amatuzio. “We’re honored to be associated with a facility that is so critical to the community’s economy and image.

AMSOIL Executive Vice Presidents Alan Amatuzio and Dean Alexander echoed that sentiment. “We have worked closely with the DECC for many years and have established a great relationship,” said Alan Amatuzio. “I think both sides of this partnership realized from the start that this was a good opportunity for everyone, and that includes the entire region.”

“We’re proud to be involved,” said Alexander. “We’ve had many opportunities throughout the years to relocate the company but have chosen to stay here. We’re committed to the area, and our decision to step up and do this deal reflects that commitment.”

The agreement calls for the DECC to receive $6 million over a 20 year term. One way AMSOIL’s investment will enhance AMSOIL Arena is that it will provide funding that allows the arena to achieve the LEED Gold Standard, making AMSOIL Arena only the second in the nation with this important designation for environmental responsibility. AMSOIL’s funding will also allow the DECC to update AMSOIL Arena as upgrades are needed in coming years.

“Often when facilities such as this open, everything is perfect at the beginning but funds are not available when updates are needed,” said Emmel. “AMSOIL’s investment will ensure that the DECC will be able to make upgrades as things age and wear out, without needing to put that financial burden on Duluth taxpayers.”

The mayors of Duluth and Superior joined in embracing the naming rights agreement with AMSOIL. “AMSOIL joins an impressive list of corporate citizens whose financial commitment has enhanced public facilities in Minnesota, including TCF for the University of Minnesota’s new football stadium and Target for the Twins’ new ballpark,” said Duluth Mayor Don Ness. “Duluth taxpayers just received a $6 million gift from AMSOIL, and we want them to know how much the community appreciates their generosity.”

Superior Mayor Dave Ross, whose city has been home to AMSOIL’s facilities since 1972, said: “Al Amatuzio has been one of Superior’s greatest ambassadors for decades, bringing worldwide attention to this community through his innovation and commitment. In the coming years, when there’s news coverage of everyone from major entertainers to U.S. presidents visiting AMSOIL Arena, the world will once again be reminded that one of the country’s finest manufacturers is located here.”

AMSOIL INC. was founded in 1972 by Al Amatuzio, with his introduction of the world’s first
synthetic motor oil for automotive engines. AMSOIL also introduced the first synthetic racing oil, diesel oil, marine oil and two-cycle oil. Today, AMSOIL is an industry leader. It manufactures an extensive line of synthetic lubricants for virtually all automotive, commercial, power sports and industrial applications. The company operates 14 distribution centers throughout North America and Puerto Rico, and AMSOIL products are sold worldwide.

AMSOIL Arena will officially open on December 30, 2010, with a men’s hockey game between UMD and North Dakota. The arena will seat 6,600 for hockey games and more than 8,500 for concerts.

Amsoil and going green.

Amsoil is not new to the green movement.  Since 1972 Amsoil has been recommending oil changes with their synthetic oils at 25,000 mile change intervals under normal driving conditions (12,500 Severe Driving). Think of all the oil we would have saved as a nation if we were to follow this recommendations set some 35 + years ago by Amsoil.  Ok I know you are thinking 25,000 miles!!!  Yep, all with a warranty that is unmatched in the oil industry.  Recently they have introduced an oil with 1 year 35,000 mile drain intervals under normal service and 17,500 miles under severe service.  No other company comes even close to an oil that last this long.

Ok.. Ok.. I know what you are thinking  -that's insane I would never let my oil go that long.  Fine but let your oil go longer than 3000 miles. With the introduction of oil life monitors GM has been able to push oil changes as high as 12,000 miles.  This is with conventional oil folks.  Everyone knows that synthetic last longer and protect better. Is it really so hard to believe that a quality synthetic oil can go 25,000-35,000 miles   Even back in 2005 the average oil change drain interval in Europe was 10,000 miles. Here is where people tend to get upset because they do not like being lied to and deceived.  The same cars that are in Europe going 10,000  miles or more on oil changes are some of the same cars sold here in America with oil change recommendations of less miles.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Preparing Your Car For College Life And Save On Vehicle Maintenance

As a college student with so many things to be concerned about that car maintenance can often be overlooked. While everyone knows that general car maintenance such as frequent oil changes can prevent major engine damage or costly engine repairs some college students find it difficult to properly maintain their vehicle. It may be due to lack of time, money, or simply an oversight.

Synthetic oils can really benefit any individual that struggles to follow the standard 3 month 3000 mile oil changes that have been pushed for so long.  It really is not necessary to change your oil this often if you are using a high quality synthetic oil. Using synthetic oils will save you money, time, and labor costs associated with less oil changes per year.  In fact your engine components will have better protection using synthetics.

I would like to share two companies with you that have been leaders in synthetic lubrication technology - Mobil and Amsoil, and go into the pros and cons of each one. Both of these oil companies sell synthetic oils that allow you to go anywhere between 7,500 - 35,000 miles between oil changes.  Think of the time and money this could save you, even with the extra upfront costs of synthetic oil. Both of these manufacturers provide a warranty with their respective products to provide peace of mind.

Here are some of the pros and cons of each.

Mobil- Pros

  • Can be purchased at just about any oil retailer and many gas stations nationwide
  • Offers a warranty up to 15,000 miles with their extended performance oil
Mobil  - Cons
  • Warranty does not provide coverage if your vehicle is still under factory warranty
Amsoil  - Pros
  • (Could be considered pro and con) Can order online or toll free and have dropped shipped UPS, or may be picked up at 14 North American distribution centers.
  • All Products have a Warranty with one product(SSO)that covers up to 35,000 or one year oil changes
  • Warranty has no disclaimers for cars under factory warranty
  • Offers oil filters for some applications with warranties up to 1 year or 25,000 miles.
  • Have to order online or toll free (could be a pro) and may have a hard time finding in stores and retailers
Just because both of these manufacturers make high performance synthetic lubricants does not mean that you can completely forget about opening the hood! Since you may be going up to 1 year without an oil change you will most definitely need to top off your oil at times between changes.(If you order Amsoil - Get a couple of extra quarts so you have it when you need it) It is OK for engines to use a bit of oil during operation.  This is normal and necessary as the oil lubricates the combustion chamber of an engine to protect the pistons and cylinder walls.  Remember you will need to top off your oil!

A few more things to consider with the Mobil 1 Products.  You will need to change your filters at the recommendation of the oil filter manufacturer. Sometimes this information will be hard to find from the manufacturer - my recommendation would be to change the oil filter at 3 months or 3000 miles unless the manufacturer offers this information and states otherwise. Amsoil may offer the EAO filter for your vehicle application.  If so you are covered for 1year or 25,000 miles whichever comes first.  If the Amsoil EAO oil filter is not available you can use WIX or MANN filters offered through Amsoil for 6 month 7,500 mile changes whichever come first.

Before ordering products from Amsoil be sure to view the Amsoil Drain Interval Chart.  This chart will provide up to date information where the Amsoil recommended drain interval will need to be altered due to known engine manufacturer faults that would not allow you to take full advantage of the Amsoil extended drain intervals. To get savings of 20-25% off of Amsoil products you may also want to consider the Amsoil Preferred customer program which allows you Amsoil dealer pricing on any purchases during your membership period.  While this is not necessary you may find that this program will save you money if your retail purchases are $60 or more for a six month period or around $100 for a 12 month period.

Hopefully by reading this you have come to the conclusion that using quality synthetic products will reduce your vehicle maintenance costs. Also, in addition to the cost savings associated with less oil changes per year you will be saving time and labor charges by not doing the standard 3000 mile oil changes. This will help the environment due to less waste oil being produced.

Give Amsoil or Mobil a try - save money, protect resources, save time, and have peace of mind that you are protected with quality synthetic oil.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thanks to the employee at Adavnce Auto Parts Store!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank an anonymous employee from Advance Auto Parts Store for sending me a new customer!  Thank you!

Normally when I get phone calls from people looking for Amsoil products they come upon Amsoil by doing research on the Internet, referral from a friend, or saw an add in a magazine that piqued their interest. Not this time though.  My new customer (whose name I will not put in the post) went into an Advanced Auto Parts store (location not disclosed to protect employee- I do not know him anyway!) looking for Mobil 1 products for his 2006 Chrysler Minivan that he just bought with 58,000 miles on it.  Upon looking at all the different oils that Mobil sells the parts store employee went over to offer him some assistance and ended up assisting my new customer right to the use of Amsoil.  He said to him something along these lines "If you want the best oil get Amsoil it's better than Mobil 1".  This led the customer to me-greeeat!  Don't worry Advance Execs while he didn't buy oil from your store I do believe he left with an oil filter and some other car care products!

This led my new customer to start a search to find Amsoil.  My guess is that he went to and did a dealer search and found out I was local and gave me a call.  We talked for 40 minutes about Amsoil products the Amsoil warranty and the comparisons between Mobil and Amsoil.  I also referred him to an article that I wrote Amsoil VS Mobil 1 Extended Performance.  After our conversation he decided that he wanted to try the Amsoil XL Series oil.  This oil is a 6 month -7500 mile oil or longer with manufactures oil life monitoring systems.  He decided on this oil because the  he was a bit skeptical about going this kind of mileage on an oil.  He is totally old school and changes oil in cars at around 2000-3000 miles, so 7500 mile oil changes is quite a stretch for him!  I told him that he has nothing to worry about.

As long as you use Amsoil products you are covered by a warranty that is untouched in the lubricant industry.  When I told him that we have other oils with drain intervals of 25,000-35,000 miles or one year under OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Normal driving guidelines or 15,000 - 17,500 mile or one year under OEM severe service guidelines he was completely blown away but still decided to stick with the XL 7500 Mile oil give it a try move up to our top tier oils at a later date.  I also mentioned to him that for his particular car we have 25,000 mile 1 year oil filters to coincide with the drain intervals of the oil.  Since he just bought filters from Advance he was going to use those first.  I mentioned that this is completely OK but since they are not as good as the Amsoil EA Oil Filters he would need to change them per the oil filter manufacturers recommendation.  This info is hard to find from filter manufacturers so I recommended he change the filter like he has done in the past (2000-3000 miles), leave the oil and top off.

Thanks again Advance sales associate for indirectly sending this new customer to realize the benefits of Amsoil. And thanks to my new customer for allowing me the time to share Amsoil with you - we will be in touch!.  As always if you are local to me in the Chicagoland area call or email me anytime to have Amsoil products delivered and get the best possible pricing.

Amsoil Preferred Customers Get Amsoil At Dealer Cost! Buy Amsoil Today At A 20-25% Discount!

Monday, May 10, 2010

For All You Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Amsoil is now offering a a bike rally t-shirt, showing all of the bike shows that Amsoil sponsors. Including Sturgis, Daytona, and Loconia.  These may only be available for a limited time.  If you want one get one now.  Buy Amsoil Bike Rally T-Shirt

While you are there you may be interested in the report "A Study of Motorcycle Oils"  This report goes in to great details about motorcycle lubrication, while comparing 32 leading motorcycle oils in a head to head comparison.  Most likely the oil that you use now is in this report.  You owe it to yourself and your bike to read and/or watch this!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Amsoil as a business opportunity

Once I became and Amsoil dealer I really never advertised or talked to anyone about these products. I mainly became a dealer to get Amsoil products at dealer pricing which is 20-30% lower than retail pricing that you will find on the Amsoil Corporate Website.  I could have opted for the Amsoil preferred customer membership that would allowed me the same pricing as the Amsoil Dealers but being the business minded person that I have always been I decided on the Amsoil Dealership instead. Just in case down the road I wanted to look at Amsoil more serious as a business. After becoming a dealer I ordered products for use in my two personal vehicles, a 1997 Toyota Avalon, and 2000 Ford Windstar, and my Toro 6.5 walk behind lawn mower.

While I placed my first order I ordered the Amsoil T1 Certification study guide as well.  A T1 certified dealer is someone that takes the time to learn more about the Amsoil products, policies and procedures, and oil in general through an Amsoil study guide. Upon reading the study guide a test is administered by Amsoil before becoming certified.  Well of course I passed the test and since then (mid 2007? ) have been an Amsoil T1 certified dealer.  Amsoil Link to more info about T1 program.  Note: Movie has been disabled due to changes in the program.

This was really the first step in helping me realize that Amsoil was a business opportunity.  The T1 certification comes with some real benefits for those looking to build the Amsoil business.  T1 certified dealer have the opportunity to work Amsoil sponsored booths at race events, participate in the Amsoil leads program, and some co-op programs with Amsoil. Here is a link to the T1 PDF file

You see during these two or so years that I was an Amsoil dealer that wasn't really active in openly promoting Amsoil I still made sales and got new customers. This was all due to the Amsoil T1 program.  For example if you were to go to the "Find An Amsoil Dealer" and type in my zip code 60188. Most likely I will pop up in the list of dealers. I say most likely because the locator will rotate through the dealers that are certified in a given area. With this tool alone I would get phone calls from people looking to purchase Amsoil and over the years has helped me build a nice little customer base that continues to grow.

I will get into more details later.. it's 6:07 my time and I need to be at the DuPage County Citizens Police Academy by 6:30. Gotta go!

I' m back...

Where was I?  One example of a customer interaction that I had where it opened my eyes was a small order from a customer in Oak Park, IL a town about 45 minutes from here.  This customer called me looking for one quart of gear Amsoil 75W90 Severe Gear Lube for a differential job that he was doing on his vehicle.  What sticks with me the most about this particular customer is that he was willing to travel 45 minutes to my house to get one quart of gear lube.  Maybe he read the "Amsoil Gear Lube Report" got a referral from a friend or did his own research.  The point is.. he HAD (his words) to have this one quart of gear lube and was willing to travel 45 minutes to my house and come get it.  How did he find me?  The "Find Amsoil Dealer" tool on the Amsoil home page.  This one event alone made me look at the Amsoil business in a different light. I mean Amsoil provided all the tools to market the product "Gear Lube Report" website etc.., the Amsoil dealer locator, advertising in magazines, trade shows, and race event sponsorships, and all I did was answer the phone when someone called looking for these products.  What if I were to take the business to the next level and actively promote it, talk to people about these products, and overall treat Amsoil like a business.  What kind of results could I or anyone achieve?  Time will tell.  I can tell you the more people that I talk to about the Amsoil products the more people are interested and the easier it becomes for me to share Amsoil with others.  While I am not a salesperson I will say that I really do not even sell Amsoil.  I provide people with the information to let them make the decision for themselves. Amsoil provides the tools and I just provide the data and specs for people to make the best decision for themselves.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Would you use head and shoulders shampoo in your engine?Watch the video that shows why the falex test method is bogus.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why Did I become an Independent Amsoil Dealer?

Back in 2007 I was an independent contractor with FedEx Ground and I was looking for a way to decrease operating expenses. You see, the business I was in at FedEx did not leave me a lot of extra time to maintain my trucks, and even if I had the time I was completely wiped out from running and or managing the routes that I owned. This would leave me to rely other others to perform the maintenance on my trucks. This was very costly - as I am sure you know maintenance is a large part of business operating expenses. This led me to search the Internet for ways to save on vehicle maintenance. What I found was testimonies all over the Internet from businesses and individuals that were using Amsoil products extending drain intervals, reducing maintenance costs and protecting their expensive equipment. At this time I was following the standard oil change drain intervals from the owners manual for the trucks I owned. Generally around 10,000 mile oil changes were standard.

At this time I decided to become an Amsoil Dealer to get all the Amsoil products at cost, and if others were interested in purchasing Amsoil I could resell it to them. I made many sales but never really looked at Amsoil as a business until years after becomming a dealer. I will get into this in a later post. A short time after I became an Amsoil dealer I sold all of my FedEx routes to drive for another contractor so I could work on different career goals. I actually never ended up installing the Amsoil products in my trucks but did use the products in my two personal vehicles, with great results.