Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why Did I become an Independent Amsoil Dealer?

Back in 2007 I was an independent contractor with FedEx Ground and I was looking for a way to decrease operating expenses. You see, the business I was in at FedEx did not leave me a lot of extra time to maintain my trucks, and even if I had the time I was completely wiped out from running and or managing the routes that I owned. This would leave me to rely other others to perform the maintenance on my trucks. This was very costly - as I am sure you know maintenance is a large part of business operating expenses. This led me to search the Internet for ways to save on vehicle maintenance. What I found was testimonies all over the Internet from businesses and individuals that were using Amsoil products extending drain intervals, reducing maintenance costs and protecting their expensive equipment. At this time I was following the standard oil change drain intervals from the owners manual for the trucks I owned. Generally around 10,000 mile oil changes were standard.

At this time I decided to become an Amsoil Dealer to get all the Amsoil products at cost, and if others were interested in purchasing Amsoil I could resell it to them. I made many sales but never really looked at Amsoil as a business until years after becomming a dealer. I will get into this in a later post. A short time after I became an Amsoil dealer I sold all of my FedEx routes to drive for another contractor so I could work on different career goals. I actually never ended up installing the Amsoil products in my trucks but did use the products in my two personal vehicles, with great results.

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