Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thanks to the employee at Adavnce Auto Parts Store!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank an anonymous employee from Advance Auto Parts Store for sending me a new customer!  Thank you!

Normally when I get phone calls from people looking for Amsoil products they come upon Amsoil by doing research on the Internet, referral from a friend, or saw an add in a magazine that piqued their interest. Not this time though.  My new customer (whose name I will not put in the post) went into an Advanced Auto Parts store (location not disclosed to protect employee- I do not know him anyway!) looking for Mobil 1 products for his 2006 Chrysler Minivan that he just bought with 58,000 miles on it.  Upon looking at all the different oils that Mobil sells the parts store employee went over to offer him some assistance and ended up assisting my new customer right to the use of Amsoil.  He said to him something along these lines "If you want the best oil get Amsoil it's better than Mobil 1".  This led the customer to me-greeeat!  Don't worry Advance Execs while he didn't buy oil from your store I do believe he left with an oil filter and some other car care products!

This led my new customer to start a search to find Amsoil.  My guess is that he went to and did a dealer search and found out I was local and gave me a call.  We talked for 40 minutes about Amsoil products the Amsoil warranty and the comparisons between Mobil and Amsoil.  I also referred him to an article that I wrote Amsoil VS Mobil 1 Extended Performance.  After our conversation he decided that he wanted to try the Amsoil XL Series oil.  This oil is a 6 month -7500 mile oil or longer with manufactures oil life monitoring systems.  He decided on this oil because the  he was a bit skeptical about going this kind of mileage on an oil.  He is totally old school and changes oil in cars at around 2000-3000 miles, so 7500 mile oil changes is quite a stretch for him!  I told him that he has nothing to worry about.

As long as you use Amsoil products you are covered by a warranty that is untouched in the lubricant industry.  When I told him that we have other oils with drain intervals of 25,000-35,000 miles or one year under OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Normal driving guidelines or 15,000 - 17,500 mile or one year under OEM severe service guidelines he was completely blown away but still decided to stick with the XL 7500 Mile oil give it a try move up to our top tier oils at a later date.  I also mentioned to him that for his particular car we have 25,000 mile 1 year oil filters to coincide with the drain intervals of the oil.  Since he just bought filters from Advance he was going to use those first.  I mentioned that this is completely OK but since they are not as good as the Amsoil EA Oil Filters he would need to change them per the oil filter manufacturers recommendation.  This info is hard to find from filter manufacturers so I recommended he change the filter like he has done in the past (2000-3000 miles), leave the oil and top off.

Thanks again Advance sales associate for indirectly sending this new customer to realize the benefits of Amsoil. And thanks to my new customer for allowing me the time to share Amsoil with you - we will be in touch!.  As always if you are local to me in the Chicagoland area call or email me anytime to have Amsoil products delivered and get the best possible pricing.

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